Coordinate Retriever


Interactive Briefcase

17” x 12.5” x 3”



The Coordinate Retriever prints a set of coordinates in the form of longitude and latitude. The object is a part of a narrative built around a character named Sapphira (an immortality hunter and a multiverse portal key). In the narrative Sapphira uses this device to retrieve portal coordinates for her clients, individuals who wish to traverse the multiverse.  A portion of this narrative is depicted in a short film that accompanies the briefcase in exhibitions.


The contents of the Coordinate Retriever briefcase include a repurposed dvd player and tape calculator, keypad, LEDs, IR sensors, rubber goo, buttons, and headphones. This collage of electronics paired with custom code, provides the following interactive experience: Sapphira’s agent code (*257) is entered on the keypad, a gate opens to reveal a pile of goo, depending on where you touch the goo, one of the five LEDs light up and a random sequence of MIDI notes is played in the headphones, the same numbers used to generate the MIDI notes are then printed with the tape calculator. The numbers printed are coordinates to a multiverse portal. The gate may be closed with a push button and the process repeated.  The coordinates are formatted like longitude and latitude.  Future applications of this project include mapping and/or traveling to printed coordinates.



^ The briefcase and accompanying film are a part of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art's permanent collection after receiving the T.J. Mays Purchase Award in 2013.