nothing but net-time stories


Facebook API, Bionic Merkin, Assorted Electronics Found & Made, Custom Processing Sketch

7' x 34" x 34"



nothing but net-time stories is an interactive computer program hosted by an aggregated monster greedy for your data stores. Verbal prompts guide participants to a Facebook login, and subsequent app authorization. If successful, the program reads and memorizes the active user's Facebook status updates from all time, using the most used words to tell what sounds like a truism, but is actually a nonsensical story.


This work explores the potential for aggregate monsters at the edge of the world wide web. As a trillion self published transmissions make their way across the social networks, little nodes siphon the data to big daddy data banks (BDDB). Though you deposit you can never withdraw. The network never forgets, and now, neither do you. Eternal sunshine of the dumbass hive mind, S.O.S. I feel bad, what about you? Between 2011 and 2016 I posted over 2,000 status updates to, my top four most used words read: JUST LIKE NEW TIME. Just like new time I wish there was another chance, to reel my guts back into my body. Tell the network “forget this”, and “forget that”. But I’m inside-out now, and a monster is lurking.