Machinic Manifestions of Memory Loss


3D Prints



It was time for me to store some things in the ground, to forward artifacts to my future self. I made a 3D model of a time capsule, a simple shape with a hollow center. I sent the file to a Makerbot 3D Printer, and as if by magic, but actually by math, it began to take its form one layer at a time from pvc filament. But the future hasn't arrived, it is still in the making, and it is making shit. The Makerbot's memory of its designed functions failed, a glitch in the hardware, software, or both? The results were a laughable pile of hardened pvc filament in the familiar shape of feces. If this is the future, we're fucked! Or maybe we should change our minds about what we think the future looks like. Instead, follow the material and the machinic manifestations of memory loss, to another world full of twists and turns and poop shaped cathedrals. Machinic Manifestions of Memory Loss takes the glitch not as an error, but as a potential new phylum in the machinic kingdom.


Using the Sense 3D Scanner, a 3D scan is taken of the "failed" time capsule print. A new 3D print is made from the scan of the glitchy-poopy print. For now, the process has been repeated recursively ten times. Each iteration is simultaneously additive and degenerative. The Sense 3D Scanner can only retain so much of the print's details, yet it also makes decisions based on algorithms to determine what it thinks "should" be there. The process materializes the machine's failure to reproduce a perfect copy, instead we get something else, something akin to the loss of a memory that was never there. Indeed, a new thing(world) emerges from a new kind of logic: glitch. And so my future self is here.


This work was commissioned by Laura Reese for Glitch/Analog at the Living Arts Center in Tulsa, OK.