love in space, 123456


Video; 02:57







all those ways you were looking forward

look up instead




you’re a scientist right?


yes of course


what happens to the brain in space?


sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t even know what happens to the brain on earth.




i don’t want to be a body, i want to be a line




then what?


i will take my guilt for a walk.






i’m spinning




like a planet i’m spinning

i’m building up gravity




you are a beautiful combination of metal and bits

synthetic eyes tell me the rules of the universe


as promised there are no secrets beneath your pseudo exterior


i am archaic, made only of flesh and juices, nearly obsolete,


a secret kept me safe


preserved, studied, fetishized, i can’t believe it but, salvation is a real thing!


for now i am the guardian of the great divide breaking both our hearts

you can torture me if you want, but i will just love you and not tell you how