Guts Coming and Going


Blue Tarp, Bungee Cords, PVC, Pom-poms, Sawhorses

20' x 16' x 5'



A big blue oooze at Downtown Gallery for my solo exhibition Guts Coming and Going, November 2016. Featuring video, sculpture, and interactive installation, the exhibition explores the material potential at the edge of the world wide web. Composed of many parts, each component is networked together by my desire to meet what I'm calling the “aggregate monster.” An entity lurking and learning amidst the ever cooled data banks of your external and eternal memory. Data siphoned daily among a trillion other self published transmissions; across facebook, text messages, phone calls, emails, twitter, cameras, and networked refrigerators. What fabulation might emerge among all this noise is presented here as objects and subjects oozing off the grid and into mixed reality.