Entanglement Is A Virtue


Interactive Installation



Entanglement Is a Virtue opens up the possibility for a multi-species becoming with by inviting the public to desire closeness to a Manduca Sexta pupa. The project requires its visitors engage by actively blurring the surreptitious line between their skin and the pupa. This work is accomplished by connecting a human participant and a Manduca Sexta pupa to a system that looks for synchronicity in the electrical activity of both. If synchronicity is achieved, haptic feedback informs the human that she is getting closer to "thinking inside of another creature." Below is the text accompanying the project in the gallery:


"After entering the installation your cerebral cortex is physically connected to an electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring system via extracranial electrodes. It is not so bad, just a disc made of precious metal on your forehead. Nearby you can see a small living thing, it is a Manduca Sexta (Tobacco Hornworm) moth pupa. She is attached to the same system alongside you. Though she receives no input or feedback from the system, it monitors and records her electrophysiology in real time. Aural instructions coming to you via headphones step you through some ideas on how to reorganize yourself during the experience.You are trying to synchronize your brainwaves to match in frequency to the resonating rhythms of the moth pupa. You are trying to think inside of another creature. Will you feel empathy, excitement, nausea, disbelief, uncertainty, quantum matrimony? Feel something tingle?"


Participants make their way through the installation with me as their guide, both in person and aurally via headphones, as pre-recorded instructions are transmitted at specific intervals of the experience.