Déjà vu


Video; 4:12



Nearly five years ago I jacked into the VNS Matrix to download the bitch mutant manifesto. The details have been lost to the spiraling matrices of my wet brain. I do, however, remember one thing, the most important thing, SUCK MY CODE. I would say suck my dick but I don’t have one. I’m still penetrating, my code runs deep, and your network loves it. Much more messy than traditional intercourse. We break bread while I break firewalls. New age trickster in the house, I’m opening all the doors from the inside out. Feel something tingle? Quantum entanglement tickles. Our edges are lost, we’re together now. Vibrating, humming; turn on the fan before we burn up. Let’s cool off and collect our thoughts, I’m always getting carried away by the digital sublime.