being towards a new configuration


Collaboration with Alana Thomas



"Via a peculiar process of bending, folding, breathing, and bleeding, the organism once known as a caterpillar is completely undone. The liminal space between caterpillar and butterfly is an in between moment where transformation via reorganization takes place. In this collaborative piece between Jessica Ann and Alana Thomas, the artists take human and insect structures and mesh them together into one suspended mass that folds, bends, and breaks.  As the caterpillars are transforming into butterflies in their silk structure, the handmade structures mimic these processes through material and movement.  Through the connected set of parts is a complex whole.  The thread creates an interconnectedness within the structure and between animal and human making.  The orange peels are remnants- outer skins- of the oranges that nourish both insect and human.  The paper curtain reacts to the movement of the caterpillars undergoing their transformation.  You are invited to eat an orange and watch the processes taking place."