According to Incidence v1.TwinBrainzGimmePizza


Interactive video editing platform

Made with Open BCI and Max/Msp & Jitter



According to Incidence is a performance experimenting with the potential patterns and rhythms of iterations, derivations, and productive disorganization.


20 years ago Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen performed a rhyming singalong called "Gimme Pizza". 5 years ago Youtube user philipmserious slowed the song down.

NOW: Jessica and Lilli watch the twins sing about pizza in slow motion. While watching, their brainwaves are monitored with an open source EEG system. When their brainwaves match in frequency the video during that interval is cached and replayed/ looped on a projection. With this work they will be attempting to sync their brainwaves in an effort to re-score a video composition that reflects the rhythms of their synchronicity.


This system implements several platforms: Open BCI transmits EEG data to the computer via Bluetooth; a Processing sketch analyzes the data; a Max/MSP receives Processing data for on-the-fly video editing that occurs when Jessica and Lilli's brainwaves synchronize; an Arduino microprocessor with a Bluetooth shield receives commands from Max/MSP to change the brightness of an LED based on the intensity of synchronization.


Will this performance reveal patterns between the performers brainwaves, video on view, and the timing of their synchronizations? Can intuitive knowledge about our relationship to each other via images be derived from this artistic spectacle? How will the implementation of a traditionally scientific prosthetic (a brainwave sensor) hinder or aid in these inquiries? Using aesthetics to approach techno-science interventions, this work lives at the intersection of art and science. It aims to integrate the two in new and novels ways while producing knowledge of its own.


Special thanks to Lilliana Marie


This platform was developed thanks to generous support from The Laboratory new media artist residency in Spokana, WA.